l-othllorien said: 15, 17, 33

15. Best birthday present ever received?

a frame with a beautiful painting that depicts some horses. I love horses.
It was a gift from my nonna, I had done 11 years.

17. Earliest memory? 

This is difficult cause I have a very good memory, it’s a lot of things. Maybe the cold Christmases in the old farm of my grandparents.

33. One thing you like about yourself? 

I like my intuition and physically, my look.

"The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy."

Friedrich Nietzsche


Hoest | Taake

Nazi firefighters 

Cologne, Germany, 1947.

Soviet soldiers of an artillery unit pause for a musical interlude during a lull in the Battle of Moscow. Near Moscow, Moscow Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union. December 1941.


1st Photo: Boys in front of a Stürmerkasten, the public stands in German cities featuring Der Stürmer. 

2nd Photo: German citizens, public reading of Der Stürmer, Worms, 1933.  The slogan of the newspaper was Der Juden sind Unser Unglück (The Jews are our Misfourtune).

Kaiser Wodhanaz