Few days ago I found this photo and immediately I think “God, he look so tired, so lost and sad” then I recognized the date the photo was taken. After 2007 Venus Doom was released, and that album is so sad…I think it was a difficult period for him.

Sometimes we lose ourselves. We sink and walked through hell. I get it. I’ve lived it. We drink and we locked ourselves in solitude, and we think that is going to save us. We "looking for a way to disappear for a moment from our deepest fears". We fake a smile so many times, we lie so much and say that we’re better now than ever. When it’s not. At the end, well, we admit we may have fucked up a little. 

But we learn. Damn it, how we learn!

When I saw these images I remembered my worst moments and how I felt then. Maybe that’s why the sadness reflected in the face of Ville touched me so hard, because i’ve felt that way. 

The best way to learn is to err, and alone. Feelings and feelings..We have no control over them, sometimes they simply arise, sometimes by a great little cause. And when the silence.. The beautiful silence, finally arrives, he is there to torture you, is his way of expressing yourself, and to teach you how to deal with its own problems, simply ignoring you and forcing you to find a way out.

The face without expression, hides the more strenuous reasons.


Detail of Milo of Croton by Étienne Maurice Falconet 18th Century 


Marsch durch Nürnberg auf dem Adolf-Hitler-Platz. 1936-09-13 


German soldiers inspect the uniform of a general of the Yugoslav army. Balkans, 1941.

Dusk Embrace ©

Angels Don’t Kill - COB

The Ride
Artist: Blood Axis
Album: Ultimacy
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Train accident, Paris, 1895.



Léon Degrelle in his Sd.Kfz. 251 half-track with his children by his side during the parade of the SS Sturmbrigade Wallonien in Brussels on 1 April 1944. The Wallonien crossed the city from south to north passing in front of the “Bourse” (the Belgian Stock Exchange Building).

"I got to greet the Légion Wallonie parade in front of the stock house on one of our vehicles. I was happier and more proud than ever before when the armored cars and other vehicles drove past me with load noise. These were lent to us by Sepp Dietrich, but they were filled with our Belgian soldiers. I greeted every single machine with my right hand high, my steel helmet on and the freshly received Knight’s Cross on my chest. The other hand was intermittently holding one of my children’s hand who were allowed to climb into the vehicle and stand next to me. The mass, which estimatedly involved around a hundred thousand people, was cheering and threw us piles of flowers."


Russian soldiers and a civilian struggle to move a large bronze Nazi Party eagle that once loomed over a doorway of the Reich Chancellery, Berlin, 1945.